Man Cave Collective Has Top Quality for Cigar Smoking


Welcome to the Smoking section of Man Cave Collective where a gentleman can find anything he needs to light up a nice Cuban with his mates. From ashtrays to lighters to cigar cutters, we have you covered here.

You need some Ashtrays if you’re smoking in the man cave. Shop around this section to find some handsome and unique trays for holding those ashes.

Shop in our Cases section because you’ll need cases of different sizes to hold and protect those precious cigars. We’ve got a great selection of 2-, 3-, and 5-finger cases.

You know you have to have a humidor to keep those awesome cigars at the peak of their flavor without drying out. Check out our selection in the Humidors section. We have beautiful humidors made of wood, with wooden or glass tops. We even have travel humidors if you never leave home without a cigar! You’ll find humidors of every size—holding as few as 3 cigars up to 75.

Take a look in our Lighters section to find stylish and reliable lighters. You know you can’t just have one! We even have some that are high altitude and wind resistant. You’ll never need to buy a cheap one from the liquor store again.

Part of the cigar-smoking experience involves having the right Accessories. Shop this section for cutters, flame-adjusting tools, punches, odor eliminators, and humidor accessories like thermometers and hygrometers just to name a few.

Man Cave Collective is always on the hunt for great stuff to offer our cigar-smoking friends. Shop our Smoking section often so you don’t miss out on anything!