Ultimate Man Cave Essentials

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Five Essentials You Need to Create the Ultimate Man Cave in Your Home


Having your own personal space that reflects you and your interests—a man cave--is important regardless of your marital status or age. If you’re married or if you aren’t, we think it’s a very healthy thing to have a room of your own.


There may be differing opinions as to what exactly should be in a man cave. Business Insider says that the purpose of the man cave is to house all your prized possessions. Ok, we agree with that. But, we think it is so much more.


As well as being a place where you can display your memorabilia or items that have meaning, it also gives you a place to express yourself, to have camaraderie with your mates, to watch football with the guys, to engage in friendly competition, and even to solve world problems. Oh yeah, all the while, maybe enjoying some libation and a great cigar!


What should the ultimate man cave include? First, consider what you like to do with your friends. Your man cave should definitely include things that promote what you like to do. For example, if you love watching sports on TV, then you need a decent TV and surround sound. Those become essentials and then you just look at what you can afford in regards to the size of the TV screen and level of surround sound.


To get you started, we decided to make a list of our absolute essentials for creating a great space, based on what guys like to do and what we think you should absolutely have. So, if you are in the process of creating your cave, or adding to it, here are our 5 basic areas we think you need for outfitting the perfect, ultimate man cave.




1.    TV

Dude, you have to have a TV in your man cave. Even if you don’t watch television (OK, really?), you need the screen and surround sound for gaming and such.  There aren’t any rules for the system—it’s what you like and can afford. The main thing is to get as large a screen as your budget allows. Then, whether it is a flat screen, curved screen, or smart TV is up to you!




2.    Comfortable Seating

If you have a man cave, you have evolved past the point of sitting on pillows on the floor. (OK, what are you—a cave man?) If you are just getting started outfitting it, we can understand having folding chairs, but don’t let those be your furniture forever. Look for comfort in sofas and recliners. Your mates will thank you. And, don’t neglect other items like tables to set drinks and plates on. No one likes to use the floor for a holding space when they’re eating a hamburger or buffalo wings. We suggest shopping in our Furniture section for a variety of sofas, chairs, and tables that will complete your ultimate man cave!




3.    Game Tables and Stuff

You must equip the man cave with games for friendly competition—this is an essential. You can’t sit around and discuss existential issues all the time! Whether your thing is pool, card games, foosball, or darts - your man cave needs to have the proper tables and equipment for a little fun and friendly competition.  Check out the Game Room section of our store to see all kinds of great tables and accessories for any game you want to play!




4.    Bar Area

No man cave is complete without a proper bar area. According the www.dudeliving.com, their take on the purpose of the man cave is “a place to relax, play games, watch television, listen to music, achieve enlightenment and…drink“. The author goes on to add, “Enlightenment does sometimes follow after the drink.” (We like this!)


The bar area should accommodate your guests with a variety of libations, whether it involves mixing drinks, opening wines, or serving up beer. You need a space that stores bottles and glasses. You’ll also more than likely need to include a refrigerator or mini-fridge or a kegerator to avoid running back and forth to the kitchen.  We’ve got you covered with any appliance you need in our store! Bar stools are nice to have in this area, as well. Take a look in Wet Bars for handsome bars, cool Bar Stools, and Bar Ware for mugs, glasses, shot glasses, and shakers.




5.    Décor

The ultimate man cave should include décor that shows your interests. This is where you truly make it unique and personalized. Look for wall art like signs and posters. Neon signs are very popular for man cave walls. You can shop for lamps and other décor with themes that reflect your hobbies. For example, if you like golf, you should have décor that is about golf. Maybe a lamp or bookends or pictures on the walls can be about golf.  Shop our Décor and Sports sections for lots of themed items that may match what you are looking for.


So there you have it - the 5 essentials you need when creating the ultimate man cave in your home. Now, go get this thing done!

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