Top Gift Ideas for Men

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Give the Man in Your Life a Fabulous Gift for His Next Special Occasion with these Top Gift Ideas for Men


A lot of people have trouble coming up with gifts for men—whether it is for a father, husband, brother, or friend. This is why we thought we would help by giving you some of our top gift ideas for the special man in your life. 


We know a great gift can be a great gift regardless of the recipient’s gender because any one can appreciate the finer things, right? But, since we are an online store that is focused on the male gender, hence Man Cave Collective, we’re going to keep it going in that direction.


We like how author Rachel Miller said it in her article on gifts for men on—she thinks that “when people are searching for gifts ‘for men’, what they mean is ‘for people who are hard to shop for/who don’t love cute things.’


Mainly, when you’re thinking of gifts for men, begin by considering if the person has special interests or hobbies. You have to start there; it’s a no-brainer. And, most men have certain things they like to do, whether it’s smoking cigars, enjoying a whiskey, imbibing in craft beers, watching college or pro sports, or barbecuing for a few examples. When you key in on their interests, then you can start to come up with some cool gift ideas.


Let’s look at these 5 interests for some inspiration.




Men who smoke cigars not only enjoy the act of smoking, but they also like the ritual of it. According to the article “How to Smoke a Cigar Like a Pro” on, “cigar smoking begins with a ritual that involves cutting, toasting and lighting.”


Not only is the ritual an important aspect of the practice, so are the accoutrements. Items like a suitable case for carrying the cigar, a proper cutter and lighter, and a nice ashtray are a large part of the experience as well. Additionally, a cigar smoker absolutely must take a leisurely amount of time to smoke and enjoy the cigar! We are “just saying”.


So, if the man for whom you are shopping is a cigar smoker, a few items you might look at are cigar cases, lighters, ashtrays, and accessories like cutters and punchers. He will be extremely happy with his gift.






If you’re shopping for someone who likes sipping a good whisky, there are plenty of items you can consider for his gift. (We won’t mention a bottle of whatever he likes. Again, that’s a “no-brainer.”) Items like a tumblers set and shot glasses come to mind. If he loves a good martini, you should think about giving him a nice shaker because you can’t have too many of those!


If the man you are shopping for is the creative or project-oriented type, then we suggest taking a look at our whiskey brewing kits for a truly unique gift. He may just LOVE both the process and the results!






Is beer his thing? With the current IPA and craft beer environment, a lot of folks are imbibing who weren’t 10 years ago. There are so many different ways you can go in terms of gifts for this person. We suggest finding out the general type of beer as well as some specific names of beers he likes and put together a sampler. Have some that you know he likes and some new names for him to try. This is sure to please!


For complementary items, you can’t go wrong with a set of pub glasses, a personalized mug, or a growler like this one. Might we suggest looking in our Beer section for many more great beer-related gifts?





If the man you’re shopping for is a sports fan, this is easy! Anything that is related to his favorite team or sport makes a great gift. Is he a fan of a particular team? Is he a fan of NASCAR? Is he head over heels for his college team? Take a look in our Sports section for specialty items that he may not have. Whether it's a decal, glasses, banners, etc. - No guy will refuse a gift with their team’s logo on it!






Barbecuing is a mainstay in outdoor home entertainment. If your guy is into barbecuing (also called cooking out), he will enjoy most anything that helps him achieve being No. 1! So that he has everything he needs right there in one place, tool kits with their own cases make especially nice gifts, as do cooler kits. Or, if his inventory is lacking in the area of proper outdoor games, games like bean bag throws and putting sets are awesome gifts too.




We hope these suggestions have helped you narrow down what you might get as a gift the next time you’re shopping for a man in your life. Remember, what do they like to do? The answer to that question is what we think at Man Cave Collective is "the key" to finding the perfect gift!

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