Tips for Preparing Your Barbecue Grill for Spring

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6 Tips for Preparing Your BBQ Grill for Spring


We know it is still winter and cold but, technically, spring starts very soon —at least on the calendar, that is! At Man Cave Collective our thoughts are already turning to fun times spent outside and enjoying the warmth as it progressively returns. Along those lines, we turn our attention to one of our absolute favorite things to do—and, that is grilling!


Some of you are hard-core and continue to grill during the winter months. For others, our grills have been put away for the majority of the last several months. Either way, now is a great time to get the grill maintained and ready for the barbecuing season that is in front of us.


Here are our 6 tips for getting your grill out and preparing it so you are ready when spring arrives!




Give Your Grill A Good Cleaning


Not many of us actually like to clean but, before spring, you need to give your grill a really thorough cleaning. Then, throughout the grilling season you can just maintain it.  You will find this prolongs the life of your grill.


  1. Detach the burners and take them out of the grill. Use a twisted wire stem gas grill Venturi brush through the burners to catch any blockages caused by dirt or spider webs that have gotten in during storage. Next, you can brush the tops of the burners with a brass wire brush. Be sure to cover the connection points with aluminum foil so they don’t corrode. When you are finished scrubbing, use a towel to dry the grill.
  2. Check all the burner ports to ensure they are open. If you find that some ports are closed with food particles from last season, you can use a 1/16” drill bit to open them.
  3. Wash sear plates and cooking grills with hot soapy water. Then brush the top side of the grills with oil to re-season.
  4. Wash the outside of the grill to remove grease splatters, using hot soapy water.
  5. Use a spatula to scrape grease from the inside of the base down to the drip pan. Remove the drip pan and wash it well. Replace the tin foil grease catcher.
  6. Put your grilling tools through a wash in the dishwasher.


Check the Hoses and Ignition Parts


According to in their article on preparing for the BBQ season, “it is a good idea to visually inspect all hoses and feed tubes” after you have cleaned the grill. You are looking for crimps, scratching and punctures. If you find any of these, you will want to replace the hose(s) affected.


Next, check out the ignition. If you have a battery ignition, it’s a good idea to replace the batteries. Make sure the electrode leads are clean with no grease or rust. Sandpaper is the best way to clean these if you need to.















Stock Fuel


You surely don’t want to run out of gas midway through your first barbecue, or any other time when barbecuing for that matter! So, make sure your tank is full and check it often. It’s a good idea to keep an extra tank on hand to make your life easier and less stressful.










Clean Grease Traps


We are covering this one again, because no one wants a grease fire. As noted in the article on prepping your grill for spring, fatty deposits that build up in your grill are a fire hazard and can ignite, setting your grill (and home) on fire. Make sure to keep the grease traps clean!


















Prevent Rust


When your grill is exposed to rain and weather, it can become rusted and start to disintegrate. If this happens to your grill, scrub with steel wool to remove the rust. Then, paint the exterior of the grill with rustproof metal paint to protect it in the future.











Cover It


The best way to protect your grill from the weather is to cover it. Sun, rain and even wind can damage your grill. You can find great covers made of canvas or vinyl for any size grill. These are definitely worth the investment. Covering it is the best way to protect your grill and ensure it is good condition during the grilling season. 



We hope these 6 tips have been instructive and helpful. Check out our BBQ section for great selections of grills and the essentials that will need to make your BBQs be successful in spring, as well as, the summer months too!

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